Could this be Quentin Tarantino's swansong?

Quentin Tarantino. (Getty Images)
Quentin Tarantino. (Getty Images)

Cape Town - Quentin Tarantino has vowed that if his idea for a Star Trek movie and he directs it, then it will be his final film.

The director has said that he will make ten movies and then bow out.

The upcoming drama Once Upon A Time in Hollywood is his ninth film. It was hailed as one of the best movies of his career at the Cannes Film Festival where it got a 6-minute standing ovation after its premiere.

In an interview with Empire Quentin revealed that he pitched a Star Trek idea to Paramount and that it will be R-rated.

Speaking to Cinemablend, the 56-year-old said if he was going to Star Trek he should commit to it and that it will be his last movie.

He did go on to mention that there could be a loophole and that he would like to end his career with an original movie.