Emma Stone to show off her acting skills in this new dark comedy

Emma Stone (Getty Images)
Emma Stone (Getty Images)

Los Angeles - Emma Stone is set to star in a movie adaptation of Love May Fail.

The 27-year-old actress is reportedly set to assume the role of a conflicted heroine in the movie based on the book by author Matthew Quick, who penned the Silver Linings Playbook.

The plot line centres on a former housewife who is healing after going through a "demoralising" divorce, with the film adaptation being produced by Matt Tolmach and Elizabeth Cantillon, Variety reports.

Emma recently starred alongside Joaquin Phoenix in the Woody Allen-directed Irrational Man and is working with the likes of Ryan Gosling and J. K. Simmons on the musical comedy-drama film La La Land

And so busy is her schedule, Emma also declined the opportunity to star in the female-led Ghostbusters reboot, although she admitted to being impressed by the script.

Emma said it was simply too "big" a commitment for her to make.

She said: "The script was really funny. It just didn't feel like the right time for me.

"A franchise is a big commitment - it's a whole thing. I think maybe I need a minute before I dive back into that water."