From Kristen Stewart getting submerged 'Underwater' to 'Black Widow': Every single Disney release coming in 2020

Kristen Stewart (Photo: Screengrab, YouTube)
Kristen Stewart (Photo: Screengrab, YouTube)

Cape Town – Disney is an entertainment behemoth, especially with the recent acquisition of Fox (read more about what that means for South Africa, here). So, it's a pretty sure bet that the house of mouse will be running 2020 with a slew of releases – and the entertainment experts over at Ms Mojo have compiled a list of everything you can expect in 2020.

From Kristen Stewart's new movie to Black Widow, it's a pretty formidable and simultaneously exciting run down. For this list, they mentioned every Disney film, TV show, and theme park attraction with confirmed titles and release dates for 2020. This doesn't just extend to purely Disney projects, but Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel as well. They've even including the upcoming movies that Disney inherited in their acquisition of 21st Century Fox. Since Disney is continually producing new content, keep in mind that more projects may be added to their 2020 line-up throughout the year and some release dates are subject to change.


*Please note that all dates mentioned are American release dates. 

Compiled by Alex Isaacs.

Photo: Screengrab, YouTube.