Kick off wedding season with this new rom-com starring Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland. (Getty Images)
Sarah Hyland. (Getty Images)

Cape Town – From spring to summer wedding season is in full swing. Now imagine going to seven weddings in one year.

In the new romantic comedy, The Wedding Year, Sarah Hyland (Modern Family) plays Mara 27-year old with the half-hearted aspiration of being a photographer.

She meets Jake (Tyler James Williams) on Tinder, and an unexpected connection develops. Things are going well until wedding invitations start pouring in.

This is Mara's nightmare, but Jake is thrilled. They decide which weddings to attend and embark on a year-long adventure together. Over seven weddings, Mara and Jake's bond deepen, and eventually Jake proposes.

Speaking about the film to The Hollywood Reporter Sarah says: "It's all about Mara and Jake experiencing their wedding year and how they go through it as a couple. How it affects them and how it affects the people around them."

She also shared that the movie has many different messages.

Earlier this year the 28-year-old got engaged to long-time boyfriend Wells Adams asked if she got any inspiration for her own wedding she said the one thing she wouldn't have is a raw bar (seafood such as oysters) after filming a scene with oysters in the Malibu heat.


The Wedding Year opens in SA cinemas on Friday, 1 November. 

Compiled by Leandra Engelbrecht. (Sources: The Hollywood Reporter)