Mitch Winehouse slams award-winning Amy doccie again

Los Angeles - Mitch Winehouse doesn't want Amy to be the "defining image" of his late daughter Amy Winehouse.

The 65-year-old patriarch has been an outspoken critic of the Oscar-nominated documentary and is hoping Letter To Amy, his own film about the Back to Black hitmaker - who died in July 2011 - will be a more fitting legacy for the troubled star.

He said: "We have to make sure this isn't the defining image of Amy... 

"We are moving towards, let's not call it a film, although it will probably end up as a film, working on a project called Letter To Amy, including people who have been excluded from that film, with a guy called Phil Griffin who did the Rehab and Back To Black documentaries and we're going to be working and doing our own thing."

Mitch went on to slam Asif Kapadia's award-winning film as a "sham" which represented Amy unfairly.

Speaking on This Morning, he said: "Frankly the movie is a sham. They left lots of stuff out... Anybody who was any part of Amy's life in the last three or four years was not in the film. Reg, her boyfriend, he was instrumental in making sure that she stayed off drugs.

"People don't realise after seeing that film, they still think she died of a drugs overdose, what kind of a film is it that leaves people in doubt how she died? No mention of that she was clear of drugs for three years."

And the former taxi driver believes Amy would have hated the documentary.

He said: "She would not be happy about the film because she would not want, well she wouldn't have been happy about a film being made about her anyway if she was still alive, there wouldn't have been any need for it. 

"But, she wouldn't want her father portrayed in that way and her friends, and her family and friends basically ignored. She would be very unhappy about that." 

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