PICS: We step into the Haunted House of 'It: Chapter Two' in London as the film hits SA cinemas

On 1 September, Channel24 flew to London to meet the director and cast of It: Chapter Two. Leandra Engelbrecht sat down with Andy Muschietti and James McAvoy to find out more about the terrifying end of Pennywise.

London – I don't scare easily, but I feel the hair rise on my arms when I enter The Vault, a theatre space transformed into The Derry Canal Days Festival from the movie, It: Chapter Two.

I enter the Funhouse, dodge swinging pendulum clowns, make my way down a dark corridor until I reach a holding area in front of the Haunted House in Neibolt Street - the abandoned house where It lives.

The eerie setting is where my interviews with director Andy Muschietti and James McAvoy will take place.

In the sequel the story picks up 27 years after the events of the first movie – all of the Losers except Mike (Isaiah Mustafa) have left the small town of Derry. When people start disappearing again in the sleepy town Mike calls the others home to have their final showdown with Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

To prepare for his role James who plays older Bill Denbrough says he watched the first movie and stole a lot of Jaeden Martell's moves.

"There were no tips passed on just stealing his acting from the first movie," says James.

The chemistry between the younger cast was the beating heart of the first film and to create that similar bond the older cast shared a lot of late nights together, which involved karaoke and alcohol.


We sit down with James McAvoy in London to talk 'It: Chapter Two'

James McAvoy attends the 'It: Chapter Two' Europea

For director Andy Muschietti, the physical appearance in casting the older Losers was very important to ease the emotional connection with the audience.

"Four of the Losers I had in mind which are Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader and James Ransone. The others Isaiah [Mustafa], Jay Ryan and Andy Bean came from auditions. It was a curious process because I have never cast so many leads, but it was a lot of fun," says Andy.


We sit down with director, Andy Muschietti to talk about 'It: Chapter Two'

andy muschietti

After my interviews, I step into the cinematic world where terrifying scenes from the film is brought to life later that evening.

My fellow journalists and I follow in the daring footsteps of The Losers Club through the Haunted House right down to the depths of the Derry sewers - we immersed ourselves in the scary world of Pennywise.

Just like the Losers, we bond in our 'fears' and emerge safely back into the real world  - a warm night in London – and head out for a drink to wash away the fright. 

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*Disclaimer: Channel24's trip to London was sponsored by Warner Bros.