Robert Pattinson did his Twilight press tours drunk

Looking good! (AP)
Looking good! (AP)

Los Angeles - Robert Pattinson got through the Twilight Saga press tours by "getting wasted".

The 30-year-old actor shot to fame as vampire Edward Cullen in the movie franchise and he found the easiest way to cope with the exhausting press tours was to drink a great deal. 

He told the Sunday Times Culture magazine: "I just got wasted the whole time."

And Robert revealed he had a sneaky way of getting out of doing interviews. 

He said: "You feel insane, but I think the studio cut my days because I started speaking total gibberish. Just be a total liability."

Robert, who is starring in his friend Brady Corbet's directorial debut The Childhood of a Leader, also hit out at the amount of superhero movies that are currently being made. 

He said: "Your only option is to do a superhero movie. You can do a superhero, or you can do indies. That's it! You cannot even do Nicolas Cage movies. You can't even do Con Air. I would love to do Con Air."

Robert has moved away from the teen heartthrob roles which made him famous, admitting he actively sought out obscure parts. 

When asked if he thinks his Twilight fans have remained with him, he said: "Sometimes. But a lot of the stuff is very obscure. I think there is no way if you saw The Rover, you wouldn't think, 'He's trying to find things completely new.' The entire point is to be disoriented, as I am trying to do that for myself."