Shazam! star Zachary Levi: 'I can't wait to go to South Africa'


Channel24's Alex Isaacs flew to London to speak to the cast and crew of DC's latest film, Shazam! The fun comic book flick stars Zachary Levi as the title character, who discovers the superhero within him after meeting a mysterious wizard. 

Cape Town - In our sit-down interview with Zachary Levi – who plays the titular character in the film – he spoke about how Cape Town is on his bucket list and how he got into shape for the very physical role.

About South Africa he, who has starred in shows like Chuck and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel said: "I can't wait to go to South Africa, I have many South African friends, I love a lot of friends who have gone to work in South Africa. It's totally on my bucket list, I can't wait to get there. "

About the intense physical preparation, the buff star underwent to play Shazam, he said: "Fortunately I had already jumped back into the gym about one month before getting the job because I was just in a place in my own life where I wanted to take my health and life and be strong and healthy." He added: "And then I got the job and it was like lightspeed I was in the gym every day and have been, by the way, for the past year and a half." 

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*Channel24's trip to London was sponsored by Warner Bros.