Tom Holland breaks his silence on Spider-Man leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Tom Holland. (Splash/Greatstock)
Tom Holland. (Splash/Greatstock)

Cape Town – Hearts of fans all over the world broke last week when it was announced that Spider-Man will no longer be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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One thing that will make fans happy is that Tom Holland will retain the role of the friendly neighbourhood spider-man.

Over the weekend at the D23 expo, Tom spoke about the news for the first time at the Entertainment Weekly and People TV studio.

The 23-year-old assured fans that he will continue playing Spider-Man and have the time of his life.

"The future for Spider-Man will be different, but it will be equally as awesome and amazing. We'll find new ways to make it cooler", said Tom.


Compiled by Leandra Engelbrecht. (Sources: Entertainment Weekly Instagram)