WATCH: Chucky reboots and connects to Wi-Fi

Chucky! (Empire Entertainment)
Chucky! (Empire Entertainment)

Cape Town – When the studios brought up the idea that they wanted to update the original Child's Play, producers Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg were initially apprehensive.

They didn't want to remake the movie they wanted to introduce something new and relevant for today's audiences.

They thought long and hard about what that might be. We live in a world where cameras and microphones are everywhere, and where our appliances talk to each other. Everything is interconnected.

"We got excited by what it would mean for Chucky, if he were not just a kid’s toy but a really high-end AI product, like something you’d see from Apple or Amazon or Google — a child companion. What would happen if something with so much computing power and connectivity went bad, what would the possibilities be?"said Seth.

The upgraded Chucky is far more advanced, adds Seth, "he has more ways to kill you."  He can access other devices and look through them, and he can take over thermostats, vehicles, robot vacuums. "He can use anything at his disposal to terrorise and kill you." Meet Chucky 2.0.


Child's Play releases in SA cinemas on Friday, 12 June.