Cold Harbour

Tony Kgoroge in a scene from Cold Harbour (Photo supplied)
Tony Kgoroge in a scene from Cold Harbour (Photo supplied)
What it’s about:

This locally made movie is about a long serving detective (Sizwe) trying to ascend in the ranks of the SAPS. He sees his chance to advance when a foreign body washes up on Cape Town’s shoreline with mysterious markings carved into it, but there unseen forces stopping him from solving this violent crime.

His struggle to find out the truth is heightened by his involvement with a local gangster with whom he has ties since childhood. Added to which the mother of his child thinks that he’s a dead-beat dad. Jeepers. Poor guy.

All of them are tied together tenuously by perlemoen. You see, the shellfish equals big bucks all over the world and when Sizwe found that body it piqued a whole bunch of bad people’s attention. Things get serious very fast.

What we thought:

There are lots of things that could have been better about this thriller, but overall I think it’s one of the best South African movies that I have seen in a while because it doesn’t spoon-feed the audience and ask it to choose between who is right and who is wrong. There is no ‘good’ guy or ‘bad’ guy. It goes a lot deeper than that.

There’s a lot of grey, both in terms of character development and setting.  The moody and disorganised backdrop of Cape Town’s harbour provides the best personification of what the characters go through in this tale of corruption, greed and double crossings.

Go watch it if you’re a fan of movies like The Departed and Casino, because the twists and turns are in that vein of filmmaking.

Don’t go watch it if you’re into Hollywood happy endings.