Kill Your Darlings

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What it's about:

Daniel Radcliffe stars as Beat Generation icon Allen Ginsberg in this biopic set during the famed poet's early years at Columbia University, and centering on a murder investigation involving Ginsberg, his handsome classmate Lucien Carr, and fellow Beat author William Burroughs.

The year is 1944. Ginsberg (Radcliffe) is a young student at Columbia University when he falls hopelessly under the spell of charismatic classmate Carr (Dane DeHaan). Alongside Carr, Ginsberg manages to strike up friendships with aspiring writers William Burroughs (Ben Foster) and Jack Kerouac (Jack Huston) that would cast conformity to the wind, and serve as the foundation of the Beat movement.

Meanwhile, an older outsider named David Krammerer falls deeply and madly in love with the impossibly cool Carr. Later, when Krammerer dies under mysterious circumstances, police arrest Kerouac, Burroughs, and Carr as potential suspects, paving the way for an investigation that would have a major impact on the lives of the three emerging artists.

What the critics say:

Bursting with hipster attitude and New York atmosphere, the fact-based Kill Your Darlings is a coming-of-age chronicle that morphs into a crime story without missing a beat.
- Calvin Wilson, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

You don't need to know the Beats to understand Kill Your Darlings,you just need to know the twinkling promise, and dark turns, of life.
- Tom Long, Detroit News

Kill Your Darlings is a true-crime murder mystery, a love letter to the wild-living artists of the Beat Generation, and a portrait of the artist as an adolescent.
- Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Daniel Radcliffe is back in a pair of nerdy specs as Allen Ginsberg in this sincere, heartfelt film about how the gay beat poet found his voice.
- Cath Clarke, Time Out