Matt Leblanc in Lovesick (YouTube)
Matt Leblanc in Lovesick (YouTube)

What it's about:

The comic tale of Charlie Darby, a man who has everything going for him: a great job as an elementary school principal, supportive friends, and a wonderful life. The one thing that Charlie doesn’t have is love, because every time he starts to fall for a girl, his brain chemistry changes and he goes clinically insane. When he meets Molly Kingston, a former dancer who just might be his perfect match, Charlie is confronted with the consequences of his condition.

With the help of his friend, Jason, and the often misguided advice from his wacky neighbour, Lester, Charlie must find a way to overcome his psychosis to claim his chance at true love.

What the critics say:

Although Lovesick plays more like an extended sitcom episode than a full-fledged feature film, the script by Dean Young contains enough genuine laughs and amusing moments to keep this slight romantic farce afloat.
- Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times

Matt LeBlanc is so great on Showtime's "Episodes" that it's both baffling and depressing to imagine that this soulless rom-com was the best big-screen project available to him.
- Elizabeth Weitzman, New York Daily News

The lead character here, quite deeply disturbed, is actually presented as a worthy romantic hero.
- David Noh, Film Journal International

Audiences should know well enough to stay away from this perversely bland, achingly dull romantic comedy.
- Nathan Rabin, The Dissolve