Keeping Up with the Joneses

A scene in Keeping up with the Joneses. (NuMetro)
A scene in Keeping up with the Joneses. (NuMetro)

What it’s about:

When Jeff and Karen Gaffney (played by Zach Galifianakis and Isla Fisher respectively) meet new neighbours Tim and Natalie Jones (played by Jon Hamm and Gal Gadot respectively) both couples’ lives get thrown into freefall resulting in sometimes hilarious action. 

What we thought of it:  

This movie felt a lot like indulging in fast food on a Friday night after a long week of everything going wrong; a guilty pleasure, that I knew wasn’t all that good, but I liked it anyway (sort of).

The movie contains lots of explosions and slapstick comedy that the four leads can all pull off in their varied and distinct ways. 

Hamm essentially played a sensitive spy version of his suave character on Mad Men, Don Draper. Gadot was my personal favourite, and not just because she oozed sex appeal, but because she was believable as someone who can easily kick the stuffing out of a big bloke but hates having to socialise with her peers.  

Galifianakis plays the loveable nice guy very well but at times was too soppingly sweet in his character that seemed to be a bit one dimensional at times, but played well opposite Hamm in a few scenes. Fisher is a powerhouse of an actress who always seems to be cast in roles that do not give her enough screen time, lines or development to shine, this role was no different. 

The script was as hollow and light as a chicken McNugget but still made me laugh in places. There was some character development but it felt like the whole message of the film was that having kids and living in the suburbs is the most boring thing you can do with your life. 

Probably the best part of this movie is watching these four actors interact like a combo meal that just hits the spot by making you laugh at the right moments and making you nod at the more relatable ones.

My worst part of this film is that it could have been so much better if only they had tried a little bit harder to give it a bit more spice, because I feel, even though all the leads were just fine in their roles there was something missing. 

What (I hear you ask) was that something? Well, I think it was missing some supersizing in vital moments. To me, this film would have been better if they had pushed a little bit harder with some of the jokes and even the action. 

That was what made The Nice Guys work so well for me, it did that little bit extra at vital moments. So I guess what I am saying is, if you want to go see an action flick that will make you laugh rather go rent or purchase The Nice Guys, instead of buying tickets to this movie.