The LEGO Batman Movie

A scene in The Lego Batman Movie. (Tmes Media Film)
A scene in The Lego Batman Movie. (Tmes Media Film)

What it's about:

What happens when Bruce Wayne no longer has any more criminals to fight but instead adopts a young boy? There are some things that even Batman needs help with. 

What we thought of it:

I have read Batman, Batgirl, Batwoman and Justice League comics since I was about 7. But for this film review I thought I’d bring in the opinion of two more cinema goers, because despite my geeky knowledge I know that I am not the target market.

So my nephews, who are 5 and 7 (and definitely the target market), came with me to the cinema. Both of them had seen the first Lego Movie and loved it, so their collective expectations were high. The boys were not disappointed. And with belly laugh-inducing jokes, explosions and quotable dialogue in abundance I can totally see why.

Their one wish: “that the movie had been longer so that they could get some more time with Batman who is clearly so much better than Superman.”

I feel like they were right in terms of how much fun this movie is. It’s super fast moving, has lots of quick-fire jokes and slapstick humour that you’ll be expecting if you saw the first Lego Movie. It is silly, but it’s the type of silly that works for adults too because it has levels and references that go over children’s heads. 

Will Arnett voices Batman and makes him the self-indulgent superhero that we have come to love. For me I felt like this entire movie was a longform anecdote about groupwork with your peers. So, as you can imagine, I got annoyed with the parable being rammed down my throat. 

I also felt like the character of Barbara Gordon/Batgirl (voiced by Rosario Dawson) was a one-dimensional stereotype of a ‘woman in charge.’ She begged the man to follow the rules, wasn’t big on having fun and was little more than a lifelike trope for the male lead. One thing that almost made the stereotype bearable is how Gordon kicked butt as the new police chief. 

The animation totally transported me into a world of silly fun. The frantic editing and action sequences were my favourite part of this movie. They reminded me of those 80’s and early 90’s action flicks where the lead can do anything - think Beverly Hills Cop or Lethal Weapon in Lego. 

If you’re expecting a kids movie with some serious attitude then you’re in luck, but if you’re looking for the brooding badboy found in most Batman graphic novels, then you’re out of luck.

As much as I think that the first Lego Movie was better than this one I would say that if you have kids, especially if they are into superheroes, then take them to see this. Or, if you’re an adult who likes slapstick laughs, then this is for you.