Ella Henderson - Chapter 1

Ella Henderson. (Photo: Supplied)
Ella Henderson. (Photo: Supplied)

What we thought:

If you don’t know who this 18-year-old singer is, then you obviously haven’t been listening to the radio! Ella Henderson has been making waves since the release of her debut single, "Ghost", and now her full album has finally hit our shores. Fresh, young and totally capable of hitting any note at any time perfectly, this talented British artist brings something fresh and new to the pop world with her debut album, Chapter 1.

From ballads, to up tempo pop tunes, Ella, who first came to the attention of the public as a contestant on the X-Factor in the UK in 2012, shows off her versatility on Chapter 1. She’s also one of the few artists who can say she’s co-written basically all of the songs on her album. Kudos Ella.

There’s the catchy radio friendly hit "Ghost", which was co-written with OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder; the retro but contemporary "Mirror Man"; the original, beautiful ballad "Missed" and the fun soulful "Billie Holiday".

Ella sings with such raw emotion that it’s really hard to believe she’s a mere 18 years old. Her songs are mature, well-produced and one can hear that she really thought about this album over the two years it took to bring it to life.

And with a voice like hers, it’s no wonder she drew the attention of superstars like Adele and Cher!

Best track:

"Ghost" and "Missed". While "Ghost" is the radio hit, the song just really hits the right spot and showcases everything Ella has to offer.

Worst track:

Not one song really stood out as the worst song, but if I had to give some critique, it would be that some of the ballads are a bit over-produced. Ella has such a beautiful voice that she doesn't always need all the fancy titbits.

Sounds like:

Ella really has a unique sound, but if she had to be described, she’d be a mix between Adele and Leona Lewis with a bit of Lana Del Rey thrown in for good measure.

Listen to snippets of her songs here:

Watch her video for Ghost here: