Interview: Locnville

What's your favourite city in the world? Locnville is not a valid response.
Andrew: Haha! I would say my favourite city in the world would have to be Rio De Janeiro or something like that, even though I haven't been there... yet! The architechture looks absolutely amazing!
Brian: Of all the beautiful citites I've been to, I would say that Lisbon in Portugal definitely stood out for me. It was such a fantastic vibe there, the people were great and the beaches are amazing!

We don't like asking bands where they get their name, because apparently it's not "cool". But Locnville sounds like a conflation of Lokshun (as in Location) and Ville as in the French for town. I'm right, aren't I?
Wow! You are one of only two people that I know that have actually figured out the majority of the name! Touche'!
Brian: You've got a portion of it correct, but there is no 'one specific meaning' to the name.

Which South African act do you most like to party to?
In terms of South African music to party to, I would definitely say that Goldfish is the first name that comes to mind. But there's so much talent coming out of SA right now that it would be hard to only name one.
Brian: One of the best local acts I ever partied to were 'The Real Estate Agents', I haven't heard from those guys in a while, but they were always the reason I would go to a party.

Do you hang with your fans? What are the pros and cons of this?
We like to chill with our "fans"! Obviously, a lot of the time we don't really get a chance to do that as our schedule has become hectic, but it's great to actually meet some of the people that love the music as much as we do!
Brian: I've never got a chance to hang with fans, that's why its always nice to meet them at a CD signing or after a show. It's always great to see the support in front of you. The pros of being with fans is that I think its very important to show the people who support your music that you are really appreciative – which I am! The con is that if you give one person more attention than the other, it can become a problem, having said that I try my best to give the same appreciation and attention to everyone – including haters.

Have you ever fought over a girl or boy? How about a song?
We haven't really fought over a girl. Although, Brian once had a girlfriend that I though was extremely gorgeous... but unfortunately Brian walked in when I was trying my game! Haha! We'll sometimes have disagreements when it comes to songwriting, but it never really goes to a full blown fight. Music is to calming for that!
Brian: We've definitely never fought over a guy... hahaha! In terms of girls, we often find the same one attractive – but we won't fight over them, unless shes a serious stunner! 

Are Die Antwoord the real thing? And do you think Waddy's going to wig out again - or stay the distance this time? How much would you bet on that?
To be honest, I'm really into what Die Antwoord is doing at the moment. Like Jack Parow, they've created a complete persona with the music which I really admire and think is fantastic! Waddy seems to have gone through quite a few different projects in his time, I would really like to see the whole group stay the distance and make it work because I think they've got something great going.
Brian: I think their stuff is great! I was a fan of Waddy way back from Super Evil days to MaxNormal.TV – I'm hoping that they stay the distance, because there is definitely a demand for their material. Whether they choose to follow through or not is completely their call, but I think whatever decision they make will be right for what they want to do at that time.