10 pop songs you didn't know had a dark meaning

Lady Gaga (PHOTO: Gallo/Getty)
Lady Gaga (PHOTO: Gallo/Getty)

Cape Town – Sometimes you don't realise the hits you love singing along to hide a darker meaning. 

Songs like TLC's Waterfalls and Lady Gaga's Poker Face might be easy to hum along to but listen a little closer, and it's a whole other experience. For this list, Ms Mojo is looking at pop songs that, when you dissect the lyrics or learn the backstory behind them, become much darker than the music and melody would lead you to believe. 

Here are 10 pop songs you didn't know had a dark meaning:

This list doesn't include some of the more obvious choices like The Police's Every Breath You Take, which is more about obsession and infidelity than love.