WATCH: This insanely creative beatboxing music video!

Cape Town - Something magical happens every now and again in the South African music scene and this latest Krushed & Sorted music video release is nothing short of an enchanting (and rather unusual) multimedia experience.

When director and music producer, Fletcher Beadon woke up one morning from his trippy dream that involved beatboxing frogs, fish and other bugs, he knew that he needed to create a musical masterpiece that would keep its audience glued to the screen from start to finish.

(Screengrab:krushed & sorted_YouTube)

That is precisely what he accomplished with an incredible team of beatboxers (Andreson Chikuse AKA Benz & Denver Turner AKA D.Form), director of photography (Rowan Pybus), make up artist and stylist (Jim Raubenheimer), illustrator (Rick Treweek) and sleek post production manager (Inka Kendzia AKA The Grrrl).

Together these insanely cool creatives brought to life some colourful beatboxing characters – Beatbugs.

Watch the video below:

The making of the video can also be viewed here.