We chat to Milky Chance’s Clemens ahead of their SA debut

Philipp Dausch and Clemens Rehbein. (Photo: James Kendall)
Philipp Dausch and Clemens Rehbein. (Photo: James Kendall)

Cape Town – German duo Milky Chance is heading to South Africa in October to play at Vodacom in the City and Rocking the Daisies.

Milky Chance consist of best friends Clemens Rehbein (vocals and instrumentals) and Philipp Dausch (production and DJing), who met in an "Advanced Music Course" at the start of eleventh grade.

Ever since releasing their track Stolen Dance and their debut album Sadnecessary, they have been making waves with their unique sound across the globe.

On their music:

For their debut album they built a tiny studio in the quiet house Clemens grew up in. With a minimalist setup, they finished the album over the course of two weeks in 2013.

"Would you record your next album like that again or would you rather go for a fancy studio with expensive equipment?" I ask.

"It’s obviously good to have good equipment to get the sound that you want," says Clemens. "It’s important but it’s also not that important. What’s more important is to capture the moment. We recorded in a home studio because we felt more comfortable there."

"Danceable melancholy." That is how Clemens describes their music in one sentence.

"And what do you write about?" I ask.

"I write about personal experiences, all situations I find myself in. You have to try and capture those experiences and work with them. If you have to let go of something or say something, that’s what I write about. I try to put my emotions into words," Clemens explains.

(Photo: Supplied)

On coming to SA and touring:

For Clemens, and the band, this will be their first time in SA: "I don’t know much about SA and as I am only flying in the day before, I don’t think I will have much time to do any sight-seeing. I will come back maybe at a later stage to see more of SA."

"What can SA fans expect from your show?" I ask.

"We will be three guys on stage. We enjoy being on stage so our show will be more energised and louder than on the album. Our third guy will be playing some harmonica so you can expect some awesome harmonica and guitar solos!" says Clemens.

After uploading their first single, Stolen Dance, onto YouTube in 2013, the duo decided to drive themselves in their own small car, taking nothing but a guitar and a set of decks and embark on what would eventually become a 100+ date European tour.

"What is the one thing you don’t tour without?" I ask.

"Uhm, there are lots of things... A guitar is always useful, I always have a small book with me to write down lyrics and songs when they come to me. I also have my phone to record ideas whenever I have them," says Clemens.

The guys also like to relax a bit while on tour. "If the weather is nice we take walks outside and enjoy nature. While we were in the US on tour we played a lot of Basketball," Clemens explains.

On the future:

The duo will be touring through August before heading to South Africa. "After that we will take a break during winter and write some songs that we will probably record in January and then release next year," says Clemens.

And some good news for all the fans out there: "We are also definitely planning a second album!" Clemens adds.

Well, we can't wait for the new album and to welcome them to SA!

Catch Milky Chance at the following events:

Vodacom In The City
Date: 4 October
Venue: Zoo Lake,
Tickets: R495 and are available here

Rocking the Daisies
Date: 1-4 October
Venue: Cloof Wine Estate, Darling
For ticket prices and where to get tickets, click here.