Beyoncé and Cardi B's 2017 collab was allegedly scrapped after news of it leaked online

Cardi B (Photo: Getty Images)
Cardi B (Photo: Getty Images)

Beyoncé and Cardi B on the same track? It could have been a thing, but apparently, the song was scrapped when news of it broke prematurely. 

In 2017, the internet was abuzz when talks of a secret project between Cardi and Bey started making the rounds. According to NME, recording/mix engineer Michael Ashby accidentally leaked the news when he shared a picture of his computer screen on Instagram which revealed a file called "Cardi B ft Beyoncé demo". 

The engineer eventually apologised for the leak, but it seems it was already too late. Cardi allegedly denied the collab, saying she had never met Michael, even though he worked on her song Bodak Yellow

Now, producer J White Did It has revealed that there was, in fact, a Cardi and Beyoncé track that was never released. 

In a clip shared by Jonathan M, a member of RealLyfe Productions, J White speaks about working on the remix of Megan Thee Stallion's Savage, which features Beyoncé, and then talks about the mishap that cost him the chance to produce the 2017 track between Bey and Cardi. 

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"Three years ago I was supposed to have a Beyoncé play with Cardi, and that kind of went sour because it went viral that they was on a song together, then that cut out," he says.