Can you guess which 80s music video is the first to get 1 billion views?

(Image: iStock)
(Image: iStock)

Cape Town – For some reason, people love listening to songs they know, over and over again. 

According to a study, it gets harder and harder to listen to new music after you turn thirty, so it makes sense that reminiscing brings such joy. According to the survey from Deezer: "60% of people reported being in a musical rut, only listening to the same songs over and over, while just over a quarter (25%) said they wouldn't be likely to try new music from outside their preferred genres."

That's probably how a music video for a song that was initially released in 1987, just reached one billion views on YouTube. But can you guess which one it is? You're probably thinking, "oh that's easy it is Michael Jackson or Madonna" but you'd be so very wrong!  

It is Guns N' Roses' power ballad Sweet Child O' Mine

This makes the video - which depicts the band rehearsing in the Mendiola's Ballroom at Huntington Park – the first track from the 1980s to do so.

The song appeared on the band's debut album Appetite for Destruction and averaged 590 000 daily views this year according to the BBC.

Their 1992 hit November Rain remains the only video from that decade to make the "billion views club".

Their band now boasts more than 6.7 million YouTube subscribers, while Appetite for Destruction is still the best-selling US debut album ever, shifting more than 30 million copies worldwide.  


Compiled by Alex Isaacs. (Sources: Music Business Worldwide, BBC.)