Coldplay announce album track-listing in classified ads across the globe

Chris Martin. (Getty Images)
Chris Martin. (Getty Images)

Cape Town - Coldplay took an unconventional route to announce the track-listing for their upcoming double album Everyday Life by placing an advert in classified ads around the world.

The ads were featured in newspapers in Wales, Devon, Sydney and Paris among others and states that the new album will be split into two sections, called Sunrise and Sunset according to The Guardian.

Everyday Life will be their first album in four years, and it will be released on 22 November.

The British soft rock band released their debut studio album Parachutes on 10 July 2000 and have gone on to release six more. 

The video for the lead single from the album, Orphans, will be released on Friday 25 October at 13:00. 


Compiled by Alex Isaacs. (Sources: Bang Showbiz, The Guardian.