Ed Sheeran live in Cape Town: A well-organised and energetic show that delivers on every level

Ed Sheeran performing in Cape Town. (Photo: Nardus Engelbrecht)
Ed Sheeran performing in Cape Town. (Photo: Nardus Engelbrecht)

Cape Town - Ed Sheeran is one of the best live shows I have ever experienced, and I am going to tell you why.

The English singer kicked off the South African leg of his Divide Tour in Joburg last weekend, and I only heard great things about it - but I never expected it to be as good as it was.

Ed performed his first show in Cape Town on Wednesday night and to say he made sure the sold-out stadium full of people got their money's worth would be an understatement, and it's not only because I am a fan of his music.

Everything from the security outside and inside the stadium to the high-definition quality of the screens onstage and the sound echoing through the arena - it was, in Ed's words, perfect!

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Right from the get-go, it was clear to the public that security was a major thing for Ed's performance. And kudos to the security team working on Wednesday night.

There was always a guard in sight ready to help, whether it be with entering the stadium, finding your seat or even finding your friends after running off to the loo.

The MyCiti shuttles to and from the stadium were also well organised, and cues flowed smoothly and swiftly, allowing concert-goers to get home safely after the concert ended.


The two opening acts for Ed were local singer and former Idols SA contestant Shekhinah and English singer-songwriter Passenger. Both acts were terrific in their own capacities and provided an impressive start to the night.

The one downfall I will point out, however, is the long periods between each act. While none of the performers were late to take the stage, there was too much time between Shekhinah, Passenger and Ed's performances wasted on waiting.


From the second Ed walked onto the stage right up until the very end, even after the crowd started dispersing to catch a shuttle of miss some traffic, Ed gave every ounce of energy he had.

I can't imagine it to be an easy task for one person to stand on a massive stage, alone -- no band, no back-up singers, nothing -- with a guitar and capture the attention of thousands of people and Ed made it look effortless.

His voice was crisp, his guitar skills are out of this world ad his interaction with his fans just proves why he is a multi-award-winning musician.

The resolution of the screens made it feel like I was watching the show in IMAX, and to be honest, I found myself enjoying Ed on the screen more than trying to spot him through hordes of people.

As for the visuals, lights and sound -- it was top-notch! For the first time, I felt as though the same amount of effort that would go into performing a show at a high-class stadium like Wembley Square was put in for this show.

Fan or no fan Ed's show was entertaining, fun, loud and of the best quality.

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