Elton John blames 'diva' reputation on past cocaine habit

Elton John (Photo: Getty)
Elton John (Photo: Getty)

Cape Town – Legendary British singer Elton John has candidly spoken about his drug habit in the 1970s and said it was the "worst decision" of his life to try cocaine in 1974. 

The subject of the biopic, Rocketman – which has been critically acclaimed - told the Awards Chatter podcast: "I saw someone doing cocaine and didn't know what it was. They said it makes you feel good. So, I thought 'I will have a go'. Worst decision of my life."

He added: "I shouted at people. I wasn't proud of that behaviour because it is not really who I am."

He went on: "It led a lot of people to say I've always been a diva. I am not. Now I don't take drugs,".

Elton previously spoke about his cocaine habit in his memoirs, which were serialised in the Daily Mail in October. 

The Tiny Dancer singer wrote in the book titled Me: "I had started taking cocaine in 1974. I liked how it made me feel. That jolt of confidence and euphoria, the sense that I could suddenly open up, that I didn't feel shy or intimidated, that I could talk to anybody."


Compiled by Alex Isaacs (Photo: Daily Mail, Channel24, The Hollywood Reporter)