Everything you need to know about Jack Parow’s new album

Jack Parow. (Photo: Allister Christie)
Jack Parow. (Photo: Allister Christie)

Cape Town – Jack Parow announced on Wednesday that his fourth full length album will be released in September 2017.  

Johnny de Ridder from Fokofpolisiekar will be the main producer and the current working title is Africa for Beginners.
Top Notch, a record label from The Netherlands, was also elated by this news and offered Jack Parow a licensing deal to release his album there.
To celebrate this joyous occasion Jack will have his own festival, aka Parow Fest, to launch his new album in the Netherlands. Read more about that here.

"It’s mind-blowing and an absolute honour to have my own festival in another country. I’m thankful that they gave this opportunity to me. I’m amped and it’s gonna be a JOL!!  My aim is to eventually take South African bands with me, because I want to punt South Africa and South African music as much as possible and this could be a great channel to do it," says Parow.

Jack Parow also released a brand new music video on Wednesday for a song with De Kraaien from the Netherlands. The song is titled Laat Je Kop Ontplof.

Watch the video here: