FAK wants to thank Steve Hofmeyr with special concert

Steve Hofmeyr (Photo: File)
Steve Hofmeyr (Photo: File)

Cape Town - The Federation of Afrikaans Cultural Associations (FAK) will be honouring the controversial singer, Steve Hofmeyr, for his contribution to Afrikaans music with a tribute concert. According to FAK the artist released his first album Desertbound in 1989. The album featured tracks like Ghetto Song, Laaste Lag and Alles vir Niks. 

The decision has been met with some criticism because just last month Steve tweeted: "Dear Phumzile van Damme and Zindzi Mandela, I'm a South African tax-paying citizen. Effectively, I AM your boss. You WILL jump when I say so and you WILL ask how high. And when you come to take our lives and land, you WILL die. Our contract is that simple. And don't you forget it."

The tweet has since been deleted; however, Phumizile told News24 shortly after the post made headlines, that she was "talking to lawyers to formulate a proper affidavit", whereafter she would lay charges against the musician over his tweet.

Shortly after that social media firestorm, The University of Potchefstroom cancelled a planned performance by Steve at the higher learning institution.

Earlier this year, in March, Toyota and Media24 ended its sponsorship agreement with Afrikaans is Groot due to the involvement of the opinionated singer in the show.

Then in April Multichoice then announced that they would not be carrying any 'future content' involving the Afrikaans star who has made several remarks on Twitter that have landed him in hot water. Steve then told his supporters to destroy their decoders in protest

Danie Lagner, managing director of FAK, addressed Steve's contentious relationship with a large section of the population in a statement to the Pretoria East Rekord, saying: "It would be a pity if individuals and organisations' prescriptive political agendas are the reason why the FAK should not give Steve recognition for his work in support of Afrikaans music over decades. Steve is a giant in the Afrikaans music industry and with good reason one of the most popular Afrikaans singers to date. "

According to a post on FAK's Facebook page, the concert will take place on Thursday, 5 September at the Amfi Restaurant in Pretoria. Artists performing include Demi Lee Moore, Monique Steyn and more. Tickets for adults' cost R100 and tickets for kids are R50.