Fan stole Liam Payne's boxers from hotel suite while he was naked

Liam Payne (Photo: Getty)
Liam Payne (Photo: Getty)

Cape Town – Former One Direction heartthrob Liam Payne has recalled how his underwear was stolen from his hotel room by a fan while he was 'starkers' in bed. The incident took place on a trip to Australia after Liam explained that he had left the door open and was only covered by a blanket due to the heat.

After hearing whispering, the singer saw a couple of people had snuck into his hotel room, prompting him to leap out of bed and try to grab his undies.

Liam elaborated on the incident to The Face publication, saying in part: "Someone scaled the building! I'm lying in bed, completely starkers. Got a quilt on me, it's fairly hot, so I've got the door open. The curtains had that annoying gap that you always want to get up and close, but you never do."

He then went to go to try and catch the alleged boxer thieves explaining: "I get my joggers on to check the situation, and they were gone." He added: "I was two floors up! I looked to my right where I'd left my wetsuit and boxers out to dry, boxers were gone. There was a girl outside wearing them on, not even discreetly, like over her jeans like Superman, bright red boxers, walking about the place."

Early this month Liam spoke about in an interview with GQ Hype, Liam spoke about his new album and what happened when Zayn Malike left One Direction just before the South African tour. (Read more about that here)

Compiled by Alex Isaacs.

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