GoodLuck joins lineup for Global Citizen's virtual-concert series - Here's when you can watch them

GoodLuck. (Photo: Supplied)
GoodLuck. (Photo: Supplied)

As musician's turn to technology to help bring their music to the masses during the coronavirus pandemic, GoodLuck has announced that they will join the likes of Chris Martin, John Legend and Shawn Mendes for Global Citizen's new virtual-concert series, "Together At Home".

"It's such a privilege to be a voice of hope in these difficult times – I hope our fans around the world are safe and their families are healthy! I can't wait to share the joy of music with all of you!" Juliet Harding from the group said in a press statement. 

According to the statement, the Global Citizen live stream series was created to "support the World Health Organization's efforts considering the COVID-19 pandemic and bring us all together to feel less lonely as countries around the globe go into lockdown (sic)."

Every day one new artist will perform live on social media. They will also take requests from fans as they chat via live stream. 

GoodLuck's performance will be streamed on Friday 27 March at 20:00

"This is a huge thing for us, not only to be invited but also to be able to show our support for the #togetherathome movement! Who will be tuning in?" GoodLuck wrote when they shared the news on Instagram.