Goodluck's new single is about remembering your inner child, and it's just what you need right now

Goodluck (Photo: Katinka Bester, Supplied)
Goodluck (Photo: Katinka Bester, Supplied)

Cape Town – Local band and radio favourites Goodluck are back with an exciting new single.

The song is a collaboration with Netherlands-based musician, Jonas Kroeper, titled Dear Future Me.

Goodluck and the European musician teamed up for a short writing session in 2018. The resulting song is a refreshing blend of African elements with a sharp pop sound that is immediately held together by the smooth voice of GoodLuck's lead singer Jules Harding.

Jules - who formed the band in 2011 with Ben Peters and was then joined by Matthew O'Connell in 2015 - says about the song: "These lyrics are very personal to me; my priorities were very messed up for a while as I struggled to balance my career and my personal life. I know this is a modern-day human problem that we all struggle with. So, I wrote a letter to myself, as if I was 11 years old. I remembered a time before all the pressure and the deadlines… and I wanted to remind myself not to lose that part of me."


Compiled by Alex Isaacs