Harry Styles’ debut album is finally here and this is what the critics are saying

Harry Styles. (Photo: Getty Images)
Harry Styles. (Photo: Getty Images)

Cape Town – The day has finally arrived!

Harry Styles has released his self-titled debut album and everyone is talking about it.

The much-anticipated album comes after Harry released three teaser singles over the last month, namely Sign of the Times, Ever Since New York and Sweet Creature.

Is Harry’s new album any good?

This is what the critics are saying:

Ron Sheffield from Rolling Stone writes: "Harry Styles doesn't just want to be a rock star – he wants to be the rock star. And on his superb solo debut, the One Direction heartthrob claims his turf as a true rock & roll prince, a sunshine superman, a cosmic dancer in touch with his introspective acoustic side as well as his glam flash." 

Leonie Cooper from NME writes: "Harry Styles is not, by any measure, an album that sounds like 2017 – One Direction’s fans have grown up, and wisely, Harry’s music has too."

Eve Barlow from Variety writes: "If it was a colour, it would be the baby blue of Jimi Hendrix’s Fender Stratocaster or the soft pink of Mick Jagger’s suit when he performed on “Top Of The Pops” in 1971. It’s rock and it’s roll, but it’s also soft and sensitive."

Mark Savage from the BBC writes: "The album is a mixed bag - good, odd, awkward, clever and heavily indebted to 1970s soft rock. Taken as a whole, it just about works, often in spite of itself - and there's certainly something intriguing about the idea of Harry as a tortured rock balladeer."

Alex Petridis from The Guardian writes: "This post-One Direction debut is a melange of musical homages that fails to reach the heights of Styles’ idols. But one thing it isn’t is dull."

All of Harry’s songs are available on his YouTube channel.

Listen to some new songs below: