Johnny Clegg thanks fans for outpouring of support following health update

Johnny Clegg. (Getty Images)
Johnny Clegg. (Getty Images)

Cape Town – South African singer and performing legend Johnny Clegg is battling pancreatic cancer.

The music legend was diagnosed in 2015 and has opened up about the arduous journey which he has had to undertake to fight the disease. 

Last week Clegg gave fans an update on his health in a lengthy post on Facebook and was met with a tidal wave of support. 

In the post Johnny said: “Three weeks ago my third 6 month chemo cycle finished. One small lesion in the right upper lung is still slightly active and it will probably have to be removed by radiation treatment. I expect this to be an ongoing challenge.”

On Thursday the 65-year-old thanked fans all around the world for their support and said that it had been a “tremendous boost”.

"Since my last update regarding my health issue, I have been inundated with a huge outpouring of support, love and good wishes from so many people from all over the world. It has been a tremendous boost and validation for me," Johnny wrote.


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