Josh Kempen and Soulphiatown unite for a song that will break your heart in the most beautiful way

Josh Kempen (Photo: Screengrab, YouTube)
Josh Kempen (Photo: Screengrab, YouTube)

Johannesburg – Josh Kempen has released the video for his first new single in over 2 years. 

The song is titled Need Some Company and features powerful call and response vocals from the Zulu vocal group Soulphiatown.

The release of the new single comes after the artist went on a writing hiatus in Australia and returned to South Africa with a bunch of songs.

The video, filmed in Cape Town, is the perfect representation of a song that initially appears to be a tender break-up cry before growing into a wide-screen look at relationships. Josh directed and produced the video alongside Rob Dos Santos.


This is what Josh had to say about the video in a statement to the press: "I love that a music video can be such an immersive experience for a person. You can really take someone on a journey. It's very gratifying. Need Some Company is a song about nostalgia and longing. So, we tried our best to capture the idea of a great romance that once was."