LISTEN: Van Pletzen's new album is a high energy snapshot of Afrikaans music right now

Love & Legehness album cover (Photo: Lily Girl/Supplied)
Love & Legehness album cover (Photo: Lily Girl/Supplied)

"We will pump the tracks until Zuma gives the money back" sing Van Pletzen on their new album Love & Legehness. It's a catchy line that is indicative of the entire record, which is their second full length offering. 

The Afrikaans duo invited fellow South African artists like Janie Bay, Biggy and Early B to make a collection of songs that sounds like the ideal playlist for a braai. One with lots of beer, boerewors and dancing. It's basically a who's who of the Afrikaans artists on the radio and iTunes charts right now. 

About the album, in a statement to announce the release, Van Pletzen says: " Brace yourself for a serious dose of Love & Legehness in the form of 15 new songs ranging from serious club bangers to deeply intimate and sensual ballads about the complexities of liefde! Afrikaans has never sounded groter or sexier! (sic)"


There are synths, trumpets, classic techno beats and some pretty slick raps on this eclectic album that I feel encapsulates the current energy of Afrikaans popular music.

Much like Jack Parow, who also features on Love & Legehness, these musicians are writing about what they know and for a great many South Africans it will endlessly relatable. 

For instance, on one of the slower tracks, Dronk Op Die Liefde (Drunk on Love) the lyrics speak about the euphoric high that comes with falling in love, but also mention the inevitable come down. 

On Stop Die Games (Stop the Games) the boys are exploring that theme more, but now on the downward spiral, they wonder if their fraught relationship will go the distance. 

After this slower interlude we are taken back to the party with Die Pap is Dik (which directly translates to This Porridge is Thick, but meant here as a metaphor about a great get together), which is a confident track, featuring the king of bravado, Dames hitmaker Biggy.

This is where I think the duo do their best work, this song will do well on radio and be popular as a soundtrack to a night out. I can also totally see it getting the crowd going at festivals from Cape Town to Hartbeespoort Dam, Plett Rage and beyond. 

I can also see a bunch of people on a round trip to a fun weekend, pressing play on this album and letting it pump for hours and hours. I think if you're looking for an album that is a snapshot of Afrikaans pop music right now then this is it. It's ready to have a good time, fall in love and have a big hangover.