My 1 minute with Mariah Carey

Cape Town – "Would you like to meet Mariah Carey after the show?," my editor asked me on Tuesday afternoon.

It took about a minute for it to sink in before I answered, "sure".

Mariah Carey kicked off the South African leg of her Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour in Cape Town and we were two of the lucky people who would get to meet her and get that most coveted picture with her. 

Minutes after the show we were ushered backstage to meet the diva. 

"We have to warn you, you might be in for a long wait," says one of the backstage coordinators. 

With our backstage passes plastered to our shirts we got ready to wait.

(The group waiting to meet MC!)

The first order of business was to sign a release form that footage of us could be used in the Mariah docu-series being filmed on tour. 

We then got briefed on what to expect and the do's and don'ts.

We could not take our own pictures, one would be taken for us and then e-mailed to a password protected website. 

The rules were clear; you would have one minute with her and two pictures would be taken and they would upload the best one to the site. 

There was so much to see behind-the-scenes as we waited in the corridor outside her dressing room. 

This was a big thing! It's a rarity for stars to do meet and greets in their dressing rooms. 

(The nursery room backstage.)

While we waited the band, the backing vocalists and the dancers stopped to chat with us. 

After waiting for about an hour the time had finally come to meet Mariah.

It was a frenzy of checking make-up and ditching jackets and bags for the perfect snap.

The queue was moving fast. Getting shorter. My turn was fast approaching. 

Then it happened. I was about to meet Mariah. I walked in and there she was. Mariah Carey. Mariah Carey whose songs I've been singing along to since I can remember. Mimi.

The security guard tells me where to stand. I smile. FLASH!

Someone says: "One more! And smile!" FLASH!

And it's over.

"Thanks so much," I nervously whisper as they usher us out of the room. My friend shouting: "You're awesome!"

Mariah smiles. Nods.

The next two fans excitedly enter the room as we exit. 

And that's that. My 1 minute with Mariah.

Here's my pic to prove it:

(Spot me on the left and my bestie, Andrea on the right.)

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