Ndlovu Youth Choir makes a video with The Department of Health that will show your kids how to wash their hands

Ndlovu Youth Choir (Photo: gallo Images)
Ndlovu Youth Choir (Photo: gallo Images)

Washing your hands properly is always a good idea, but it's especially important right now as the coronavirus spreads throughout South Africa at an alarming rate.

To help promote thorough handwashing, especially among children and younger people, the Ndlovu Youth Choir are leading by example with a video, made in partnership with The Department of Health.

The group, sing and dance their way through the recommended 20-second hand washing procedure in a way that makes it fun and might help children take to it more easily, even when adults aren't around.

This will be a great soundtrack to play in the house as a nationwide 21-day lockdown starts in South Africa, from Thursday 26 March at midnight.