Sam Smith teases fans with his album naming tradition

Sam Smith. (AP)
Sam Smith. (AP)

Los Angeles - Sam Smith has chosen the title for his next album.

The Writing's On The Wall hitmaker has revealed he went to a beach in Australia and scrawled the name of his second LP into wet sand to signify his "new project" is underway.

Posting an image of himself on the beach on Instagram - with the promise to uncover more of the photo as the record progresses - he included the caption: "I just wrote my new album title in the sand. I always start new projects with a working title or message of what I'm trying to say - then the writing flows for me. So I have the starting point. When I'm finished - I'll reveal the rest of this picture. Then we can see if the message stayed the same (I change my mind a lot) xx. (sic)"

The 23-year-old pop star is enthused to have started work on his new LP - the follow up to the Grammy Award winning In The Lonely Hour - but he will not be reading reviews of it when it is eventually released.

He previously posted: "Sometimes you're never going to win. The reviews I care about are from YOU. And only you - my fans. The people who have put me here. (sic)"

And he added that he gets upset when he sees negative comments about his art.

He wrote: "Why is it when you have a crowd of people saying you're great - you notice the one who says you're not? Haha the heart is complicated. I'm getting there thou lol slowly but surely. (sic)"