South Africa's most-followed TikTok content creator: 'I stayed motivated and worked hard to get to 1.3m followers'

TikTok (Photo: Getty)
TikTok (Photo: Getty)

Cape Town - Meet Wian, or WianMagic as he is known to his almost two million followers on short-form mobile video app, TikTok.

What makes Wian so popular? His unique set of skills. Wian is a self-taught magician and uses the platform to showcase his magical talents, posting videos to demonstrate his uncanny mind-reading and magic tricks.

Magic is Wian's passion, which is why it was a dream come true when he was able to make TikTok his new stage.

He says that being on TikTok has changed his life, having been the foundation of his newfound fame. "I get recognised by people from all over the country - which is great because I love to meet new people and engage with them about my magic. The platform has definitely helped make my childhood dream of becoming a magician, come true."


Wian decided to join TikTok because he saw an excellent opportunity to expand his act from performing for a few people in the street to a global audience of millions. "My favourite part of TikTok is that when a video gets uploaded, it is distributed immediately to everyone on the platform, whereas on other platforms, only your followers or friends see your content. Opportunities like this push me to keep on making better and better videos, and improve my chances of going viral."

He adds that his most memorable moment was when he became the most followed creator in the country. "I recall seeing a profile of 400k followers and thinking that this was going to take years. At the time I only on 140k. But I stayed motivated and worked hard to get to 1.3 million followers – this is when I passed the current number 1. That was an amazing feeling."

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