Van Pletzen are back with a brand new single featuring Jack Parow – and you have to hear it!

Van Pletzen, Jack Parow (Photo: Screengrab, YouTube)
Van Pletzen, Jack Parow (Photo: Screengrab, YouTube)

Cape Town – Music duo Van Pletzen is back with a brand single titled Jy Bly Stil, and it features Jack Parow.

With the same energy as their previous offering, Awaken The Legehness earlier this year, Van Pletzen started working on Jy Bly Stil a few months ago while writing and recording their new album. 

They started playing it live and noticed people were enjoying it and thought, "Ag, let's drop it as a single men." 

Van Pletzen said about the single: "People are so vocal about everything these days, especially on the internet... Because praating (speaking) on the internet is not going to do anything, but dancing is going to make you sweat and realise things, big things, and then you will be happy that you did not waste your time talking stuff online. If you have to speak then speak about liefde (love) and mooi (pretty) things or get out of our gesig (face) [sic]."

The video was shot by the duo's friend and frequent collaborator PJ Kotze, who also did the music videos for Zaberfluten, Goud, Eiland Styl and Awaken The Legehness. 

About the video's director the duo said in a statement to the press: "PJ is a machine, he shot the video using various camera rigs, one was called a Ronin I think, either way, one thing is for sure, you need to be kak fiks (very fit) to handle that rig for several hours and PJ just goois it (throws it). The dancers were from Kryptonite Dance Academy, and they were so amazing! Professional and easy to work with and they elevated the whole vibe to the next level! They made us mullet rats look good!" 



How did the video concept come about?

Peach has always wanted to do a classic 90s/2000s style dancing video, he shared his dream with Nax and PJ, and then they let their synergy do its thing from there. Nax insisted on going groot (big) by playing his majestic axe in the video, which is actually an extremely rare guitar with some of the fattest tones in the world! The shoot took one day, but Peach practised his dancing the day before to make sure he klaps (hits) it groot (big) and tight! 

Compiled by Alex Isaacs.

(Photo: Screengrab, YouTube)