WATCH: 5 things Johnny Clegg said in his final interview with Channel24

Johnny Clegg (Photo: Getty)
Johnny Clegg (Photo: Getty)

Cape Town - In December 2018 Channel24 interviewed Johnny Clegg and learnt about his autobiography, what kept his spirits up and what he thought of the world.

About his autobiography the musical icon said: "I'm about 150 pages in and it's about halfway done. I've had to wait at times because I've done interviews with my old bandmates."

According to Johnny, the book will address: "…having to struggle through apartheid, through the Group Areas Act, through the global segregation and not being able to perform in public (as a non-racial band).

On what kept his spirits up: "If I'm ever feeling down and missing people or my home or my animals out, I just go to my computer and look at some of the videos and pictures. "

About the state of the world, Johnny said: "All of the issues that seemed to be bubbling under and so far away are now coming to the fore, from poverty to unemployment and inequality."

He added: "…The whole world has lost its confidence in itself. So, we have to be vigilant, and we have to careful about what is going on."

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