WATCH: Die Antwoord gets real about working together after ending their romance

Die Antwoord. (Photo: YouTube)
Die Antwoord. (Photo: YouTube)

Cape Town – In a rare sitdown interview with Revolt TV, Die Antwoord’s Ninja and Yo-Landi open up about working together on their new album after ending their relationship.

Speaking about their sound on the new album, Mount Ninja And Da Nice Time Kid, Ninja says "we’ve been through so many dimensions, and personally moving here… we split up, we had split up some years ago, and then we thought, how do we keep doing this music and be in a relationship … on the Donker Mag album we had split up and we tried to work it out…"

Ninja also tells the story of how Yo-Landi was dating another rapper when they met and how they got together to make music for the first time. "Like I kissed Yo-Landi and then Marcus wanted to kill me… Like we were just messing around it wasn’t anything serious…"

Ninja also promises that the video for Fat Faded Fuck Face will be "the most important contemporary art piece of the century".

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In a post on Instagram last week, Yo-Landi shared what looks like a teaser for the music video for Fat Faded Fuck Face.

See the post here:

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