WATCH: Lizzo's performances on 'SNL' were 'Good as Hell' despite battling illness earlier in the week

Lizzo (Photo: Screengrab, 'SNL' ,YouTube)
Lizzo (Photo: Screengrab, 'SNL' ,YouTube)

Cape Town - Lizzo was the musical guest on this week's episode of Saturday Night Live, which was hosted by Eddie Murphy. 

This was the first time Eddie has hosted the show in 35 years. 

The singer, who battled illness earlier this month and had to cancel shows, took to the SNL stage to perform Truth Hurts and Good as Hell

The set was decorated festively for both renditions of the popular hits and Lizzo was, as usual, entrancing to watch as she belted out her vocals with characteristic confidence. 

Lizzo was also praised for being backed by a diverse group of black women - all shapes and sizes - who performed in the band and as dancers.


The 31-year-old also teamed up with Shrill star Aidy Bryant for a sketch called Aidy Bizzo & Lizzo that was cut for time during the live broadcast. It's a shame, because it was hilarious!


(Photo: Screengrab/YouTube)