Where did Die Melktert Kommissie go? We know!

Cape Town - Afrikaans rock band, Die Melktert Kommissie released their first album, titled Volroom, in June 2003 and enthralled fans all over South Africa. 

Band members: Lucinda Strydom, Jean-Marie Korff, Jan-Adriaan Korff, and Tim van der Westhuizen took a break from releasing new music over ten years ago. 

On being back in the studio, bassist Tim said: "It's always great being back in the studio environment. It's a time where you can really experiment creatively and test ideas. We took a slightly different approach this time by splitting up our time in the studio to accommodate everyone's work schedules."

Channel24 spoke to the band's lead singer Lucinda (in the video above) about trying new things while recording Weier - the group's latest release, reconnecting with fans, making a music video, and what she learnt about the music industry over the years.