YIKES: This indie band's meeting with Sir Mick Jagger was so cringeworthy

Cape Town - The Vaccines' Freddie Cowan recalled an awkward encounter with Sir Mick Jagger when he attempted to "fist pump" them and one of his bandmates left him "hanging" with a handshake gesture.

The indie group have had the opportunity to opened for The Rolling Stones a couple of times over the past few years and but one particular meet and greet with the icons sounds so cringeworthy we're happy it wasn't us. 

Lead guitarist Freddie explained to Metro: "They are probably the only band we've supported that have a meet and greet with the support band. So, they get you back to their area, and they come and say hi to you, and then you have a picture taken with them." 

He added: "So, Mick came into the room, and he wanted to fist pump…Someone was holding their hand out for a handshake, and he came in wanting to fist pump. And everyone panicked a bit, I think one of us left him hanging!"