Youngsta CPT's new video is a love letter to coloured girls, and it's beautiful

A screengrab from Youngsta CPT's music video 'For Coloured Girls' (Photo: YouTube)
A screengrab from Youngsta CPT's music video 'For Coloured Girls' (Photo: YouTube)

Rapper Youngsta CPT is known for his love of The Mother City.

Through songs like Wes-Kaap and To Live and Die in CA, the uber-talented artist uses his platform to speak about the best and worst parts of Cape Town.

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Now in his latest video and single, For Coloured Girls, Youngsta CPT writes a love song for the women from Constantia to Fish Hoek, Delft and more.

This feeling of adoration is in keeping with a conversation that Apple Music's Ebro had with Youngsta last year during which he said: "Cape Town has the most beautiful women in the world. Women like this [he then gestured to the crowd and Jeannie D, who was also in attendance at the gathering] would be considered supermodels if they were born in America because their beauty would be recognised for what it is, incredible."

Channel24 also attended the vibrant chat - which wasn't filmed - during which Youngsta spoke about his creative process and more.

When asked about how many children from all corners of South Africa look up to him as a musical and cultural influence, Youngsta said in part: "I hope that I spark one of the minds that change South Africa, through my music."

To see another fascinating conversation that the rapper had with the famous radio host, for Apple Music, in Johannesburg and Cape Town, click here. 

For Coloured Girls was directed by Dale Fortune and features a wide array of women including influencer, Nadia Jaftha.

At the start of the video, Youngsta writes: "Words are not enough, and I couldn't include you all, but this is for my coloured girls."


For Coloured Girls is featured on the rapper's latest album which is titled 3T