4 great interviews to read with your morning cuppa

Chris Hadfield, Kim Engelbrecht, Flume and Thom Powers. (Photos: Gallo, Getty, BBC)
Chris Hadfield, Kim Engelbrecht, Flume and Thom Powers. (Photos: Gallo, Getty, BBC)

Cape Town – The perfect way to kick off your weekend is with a cuppa and a good read. 

This week the Channel24 team hustled to get some of the best local and international interviews for your entertainment. 

From an astronaut that fell in love with Cape Town from space to a Grammy winner that’s stoked to try our surf – here are 4 great interviews to enjoy this morning.

1) Astronaut: I’ve seen Cape Town from space, now I want to visit

In NASA’s last astronaut selection 18 300 people applied for 12 positions, in Canada’s last selection 8 000 people applied for two positions and for the new BBC doccie Astronauts: The Toughest Job in the Universe several thousand people applied for one position. (Read more here)

2) Flume says he's ready for his SA debut

This will be the Sydney native’s first visit to South Africa and he is stoked to try out the surf and experience his first ever safari. These days it’s rare for me to go to a place I haven’t been before. I’m hoping I’ll get to go surfing during this trip and I’m definitely going to go on safari – because…well, you just have to.” (Read more here)

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3) Kim Engelbrecht tells us about her new superhero TV show and dreams of playing Wonder Woman

SA’s very own Kim Engelbrecht is set to star in the new season of popular US series The Flash. The local actress, who will be playing the role of The Mechanic, had a chat with Channel24, giving us the inside scoop on her new role and her love for comic books. (Read more here)

4) The Naked and Famous talk SA gigs and the importance of a NutriBullet

On Wednesday night I learnt that Thom Powers is a fan of The Handmaid’s Tale - a much-talked about Sci-Fi drama based on the best-selling novel by Margaret Atwood. This fact came to light whilst I was interviewing the guitarist and vocalist of the indie electronic band The Naked and Famous. (Read more here)

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