Twitterverse hails #SharkSlayer

On Sunday, July 19 2015, Australian Mick Fanning was attacked by a shark while competing in the prestigious J-Bay Open in Jeffreys Bay. The shock and trauma was short-lived, however, and the memes soon flooded social media.

The news broke with everyone's favourite anchorman:

The incident itself was no joke. You can see the moment when Fanning realises he is under attack and his quick attempts to move away:

However it wasn't all bad. The Twitterverse hailed the three-time surfing world champion as a legend:

Others even had suggestions on what titles he should add to his already-impressive CV:

There were some who were sympathetic to the shark:

But that was short-lived as new images from the scene of the incident began to emerge:

Restaurants began naming dishes after Fanning: 

And the badgering just kept on coming: