Jack Parow’s stolen car found 6 years later

Jack Parow finds his stolen Citi Golf. (Screengrab: Instagram/jackparow)
Jack Parow finds his stolen Citi Golf. (Screengrab: Instagram/jackparow)

Cape Town – Afrikaans rapper, Jack Parow, on Thursday was reunited with his stolen Citi Golf almost six years after it disappeared.

Parow told Channel24 that he was surprised to receive a phone call from the police recently to inform him that the car, which he had inherited from his grandmother, had been found.

"It looked completely different. Everything had been replaced and it was pretty messed up but they knew it was mine. They identified it with the engine number."

According to the 33-year-old Capetonian he had completely forgotten about his loss and seeing the car again brought back a lot of good memories.

"It was nice to see it again because it just brought back all the memories from when my friends and I used to go out to parties with the car."

Because Parow's insurance paid out back in 2010 when the car was stolen the vehicle no longer belongs to him.

"It was still good to see the car and it comes at a really good time as things in South Africa seem down. It’s nice to know that there are people who are doing their jobs and are doing it well. It was a really great thing that the police did. I hope it gives people some hope for South Africa."

Parow shared a photo of the car on his Instagram account: