PODCAST | THE INTERVIEW: A laid-back Skype chat with Ed Stoppard about his 7-week stay in the Mother City

The Interview: Ed Stoppard.
The Interview: Ed Stoppard.

It's early on a Thursday morning, and British actor Ed Stoppard is sitting in a what looks like a study in his home in London while I'm in the glass meeting room near the kitchen in our office overlooking the harbour.

Behind Ed, the grey wall is neatly covered in art. He's relaxed and friendly as he strokes the stubble of his beard while we chat. His perfect hair looks big screen-ready in the most effortless of ways.

In the first episode of the second season of Channel24's 'The Interview' we share exclusive snippets from the interview with the international star. Season 2 of this podcast series is brought to you by Showmax

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