Local is very lekker!

If you haven't heard! Brad and Angie are moving to Jozi.

Yes, really. According to reports they will be living in Sandton for 8 months while Brad and George film a movie in the country.

hugh jackman

By now we should totally be cool with these kind of celebs hanging out around us. We had Hugh Jackman filming Chappie in Jozi earlier this year.

Meryl and the gang were spotted hanging out in Cape Town at the end of last year.

One thing is sure...Local is becoming very lekker!

More local awesomeness comes your way in the Pad na Jou Hart movie premiere in Jozi last night. Of course we were there and of course it was amazing!

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Afrikaans singer Karlien van Jaarsveld caught our attention with her super sexy post-twin-baby bod! Wowza she looks hot.